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It is good practice for governance to continually evolve.

This has been the case in higher education. Since the publication of the Code in 2013 the Committee of Scottish Chairs have developed and published the following updates which all institutions in Scotland are committed to delivering.


Policy statement on gender – April 2015

In April 2015 the Committee of Scottish Chairs announced a commitment to a minimum of 40 per cent of both genders amongst the independent members of governing bodies. The extent to which this has been achieved for the sector will be measured in 2018. Read the commitment here:

Download the  policy statement (PDF)


Remuneration committees – guidance note

In August 2015, Committee of Scottish Chairs published a guidance note on the operation of remuneration committees in Scottish higher education. The guidance note considers the work of remuneration committees and is intended to clarify key principles and elements of good practice.

Download the guidance (PDF)