Review process

Taking the 2013 Code forward

When the 2013 Scottish Code of Good HE Governance was published, the Committee of Scottish Chairs (CSC) committed to honour the intention to review it after three years to ensure it evolved and reflected good practice.

Since 2013, the Scottish Parliament passed the Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Act 2016 which introduced other changes to HE governance. The CSC Review is very timely as it gives the sector a chance to consider to what extent, and how, the Code should accommodate changes to the governance of HEIs as a result of this new legislation.

The Chairs began the process of review in 2016. Overseen by a steering group, part of the evidence-gathering for the Review gave stakeholders the opportunity to submit written evidence, which was gathered and analysed independently by consultants from the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education. This phase of the review closed in early October 2016.

The consultants summarised the responses to the open consultation as well as their findings from:

  • meetings with a range of stakeholders at each of Scotland’s higher education institutions;
  • a survey of current and recent governing body members; and
  • meetings with the national leadership of relevant trade unions and the National Union of Students Scotland.

The report will inform the work of the Steering Group. The summary report can be downloaded here.


Phase one consultation responses

Independent consultants from the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education led the consultation exercise. There were 24 individual written submissions to the call for evidence, of which 23 can be published online. Only one respondent asked for the response to remain confidential to the steering group. There has been some redaction of personal and confidential details at the request of respondents but otherwise submissions are published as they were received. The submissions are published below.

The Steering Group will report back to the Committee of Scottish Chairs during 2017. A draft revised Code will be issued for further consultation before the process is completed.



Audit Scotland

Business Committee of the General Council of the University of St Andrews


Equality Challenge Unit

General Council of the University of Edinburgh

General Teaching Council Scotland


Joint submission from Scotland’s three small, specialist institutions

NHS Education for Scotland

Royal Society of Edinburgh

Scottish Trades Union Congress

UCU Glasgow Branch

UCU Scotland

UCU Queen Margaret University Branch


University of Aberdeen

University of Edinburgh

University of Glasgow General Council

University of Stirling Students’ Union

University of St Andrews

University of Strathclyde